Contract Manufacturing for Electronic,
Electromechanical and Wiring Services.



Outsourcing is a realistic cost-reduction strategy in today’s marketplace, but it doesn’t require going offshore. Particularly if high quality or low to medium volumes are needed, EMS’ contract manufacturing services are very competitive with offshore sources.

Founded in 1980, built on principles of high quality conformance, EMS employs almost 200 Associates skilled in complying with the difficult specifications typical of our aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and medical electronics customers. Our two modern facilities in the US and Mexico exceed 45,000 square feet.

These parallel operations have equipment and inspection systems that are state of the art. EMS is headquartered at its modern production facility in Santa Ana, California just five minutes from a major regional airport and one hour from LAX. The main plant specializes in SMT board assembly, wiring services, and wire wrapping.

Our wholly owned maquiladora, located in Tijuana, Mexico, gives EMS a pricing advantage and wider flexibility to address complex projects, especially those involving high labor content, high volume, or hand intensive assembly work. Both the US and Mexican facilities provide the highest quality per IPC-610 and J-STD-001.

EMS personnel are skilled in dealing with the requirements of the U.S. Customs, Mexican Customs, NAFTA, GATT, ABI, Licensing for Export of ITAR controlled items, and the FDA.


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