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Why do Honeywell, Boeing, Tyco, Johnson Controls, Teledyne, H.R. Textron, General Dynamics and other companies like yours trust EMS to deliver quality electronics services? They buy from us because of fair pricing and they stay with us because we deliver quality …every time.

Zero-Fault Quality – Our customers require assemblies to work completely and unconditionally, without failure. If your products have to work right every time, you should work with us. Our quality, ESD, and operational processes are in control, passing audits regularly.

100% Focus on You – Contract manufacturing is EMS’ only business. Supplying your requirements is not an after-thought to fill excess plant capacity, only to take a back seat when times get busy.

Inventory in Control – Whether using your inventory or components we source for you per your specifications, EMS is an extension of your operation. We isolate your inventory from all other jobs by using special part number coding and segregated stockroom facilities.

International Operation – Facilities are in California and in Tijuana, Mexico. Both perform to the same exceptional quality standards required in aerospace, military, telecommunications, and medical applications.

ISO-9001:2000 Certified – EMS is very serious about quality, knowing this is our competitive advantage against all of our competitors, domestic and international.

Legacy Electronics Technologies– EMS is challenged to extend the life of legacy defense-electronics via repairs and upgrades to keep the venerable B-52, C-130, Abrams tank, and other platforms designed 20+ years ago relevant.

Reduced Fixed Cost - We produce what you want, how you want it, when you want it, to your specifications. No need for investment in facilities or equipment on your part. Think of EMS as increasing your production capacity, without the fixed costs or labor headaches.

Known Costs - The price we quote is the price you’ll pay, reducing your risk of cost overruns that are so typical with in-house manufacturing. You’ll know exactly what an outsourced assembly costs, no more …no less. Contrast this benefit to every manufacturer’s nightmare of not knowing the true costs of in-house manufacturing.

Reduced Risk – You only pay for what you get …and what you get works. Our processes are in control.

Competitive Pricing - We sell our direct labor hours for about what your company’s total variable costs are. Your total cost, including your burden allocation, will typically calculate to less than the total costs of your own in-house manufacturing.

Solid Vendor – EMS has a solid 25-year legacy of performance.

Smoother Production Flow – No need to break into your long-standing production schedules with short runs. Keep your efficiencies in your plant, offloading the short-run work to EMS.

Prototyping – 1 part, 5 parts, 20 parts, 100 prototypes to your specifications. EMS can save you time and money .

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